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Andover International Review welcomes all to submit articles of interest. Please attach your article directly to our contact form, or contact us directly at info@andoverinternationalreview.com to learn more. All articles will be assessed by our Copy Editors, reviewed by members of the Core Team and discussed with the author before being published.


If you wish to apply for a position at Andover International Review, please specify the role you wish to take:

  1. Copy Editor
  2. Associate International Director
  3. Associate Acquisition Editor
  4. Associate Creative Editor
  5. Public Relations Officer
  6. Technology Officer

Please attach your application to an email  addressed to info@andoverinternationalreview.com

Support Us!

Andover International Review is a completely not for profit student-run publication. We are currently striving to impact not only students from schools such as Phillips Academy but also students from all levels of the education system around the world. To achieve this goal, we will need a lot of external support. We really appreciate any financial or logistical support. If you would like to support our publication, we would be happy to receive an email addressed to info@andoverinternationalreview.com. Thank you.


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